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Joyriding Through the Underworld

★ 10% of sales donated to wild bird rescue and conservation ★

About the Artist

Vanessa Laurin is a wearer of many hats, both proverbial and fashionable, whose deep connection to the natural world is reflected in her many creative outlets. Whether she is wielding a camera, a musical instrument, or any manner of art supplies, Vanessa weaves her surreal tales with equal and mildly alarming ease, regardless of the medium.

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Vanessa's songwriting career, as well as the 25th anniversary of her band, First of June. She is currently writing her second solo album, as well as a few other wildly different, mostly-secret projects simultaneously, with albums to be released in 2022/23.


Although Vanessa's work focusses heavily on the endless cycle of of life, death and rebirth, being a lifelong environmentalist and wildlife advocate, no living creatures have ever been harmed for the sake of her art. All skulls, feathers, taxidermy and other specimens in her collection are treated with the utmost reverence. They are non-CITES, non-SARA and non-MBCA species, and were ethically and sustainably obtained through reputable, cruelty-free and trusted sources. Any songbirds featured in her work are cardboard printouts.

Conservation and awareness are crucial to preserving wildlife and wild places; therefore, if Vanessa's work has inspired you to begin your own collection, it is your duty as a responsible collector to educate yourself on the legal requirements applicable to your country or location of residence. For example, in North America, it is illegal for the general public to possess live native songbirds, corvids or raptors, or their remains (taxidermy, bones, skulls or feathers).

You can support Vanessa's wild bird rescue and conservation efforts by visiting Acorn and Berry.

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