Project information

In 2013, I met Robin von Dostaler at a convention, and we were a match made in weirdo heaven. I became the face of her brand shortly thereafter, as well as her online sales monkey and live-action booth babe. If you've picked up an item from her or visited the Shameless Envy booth at a convention, chances are, you'll recognize me as the person with feathers on my head on her business cards.

In addition to lending her my visage, I assist with DSLR photography of Robin's jewellery and art. I'm also the designer behind Shameless Envy's corporate branding.

This gallery is a selection of my favourite modelling shots for Shameless Envy over the years. Makeup, wardrobe, styling and photography by me.

Weirdos for life

Weirdos foreverrrrrrrrr.