Joyriding Through the UnderworldVanessa Laurin

counting sheep, one by one, 'til the coyotes come


clean the wound and cauterize the flesh;
pray the soul will heal

New solo album, out now
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Vanessa Laurin is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, mixed-media artist and fine art photographer based near Ottawa, Canada. She is a wearer of many hats, both proverbial and fashionable.

After a five-year musical hiatus, Vanessa returned to the studio in 2018 to produce BEFORE THE COYOTES COME, her first fully solo project, in which she not with the band, but rather, she is the band. The album blends her signature otherworldly vocal harmonies with richly textured musical landscapes, and explores themes of grief, loss and survival.

Vanessa is a passionate wildlife advocate and patron of several wild bird rescue and conservation organizations. Her deep connection to the natural world is reflected in her many creative outlets, most notably in her EPHEMERAL self-portrait series (2013-2016), a monthly tribute to the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth.

In 2017, Vanessa embarked on a journey to mental and physical wellness and embraced bodybuilding to end her lifelong battle with chronic pain. Her more recent self-photography work, beginning with her 2019 PORCELAIN series, celebrates her own empowerement and challenges conventional beauty and glamour portraiture by evoking the darker aspects of sensuality and desire.

This website mainly serves as an archive for Vanessa's professional works; follow her on Instagram for her other, and seemingly neverending, flights of fancy.

The Melancholy Project

Darkwave and industrial classics reinvented on piano and cello.

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