No. 25 | 11/2015


  • Skull/Bones
    Taxidermied Ruffed grouse
    White-tailed deer vertebra
  • Feathers
  • Plant Material
    Milkweed pods
    Fall Aster
    Evening Primrose stems and seed heads
    Sow Thistle
    Coneflower seed head
    Maple branches, leaves and keys
    Scots Pine cones
    Spruce cones
    Braided garlic greens

*The Milkweed used in this piece was later inserted into glass globe ornaments sold as a fundraiser for Swift Care Ontario.


This monthly self-portrait series pays tribute to the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. The pieces are ephemeral in that they, like their components, only exist for a short period of time; each piece is assembled using mostly non-permanent materials*, photographed, then disassembled. Vanessa works exclusively with ethically sourced, cruelty-free and non-CITES animal parts. NO animals were killed or harmed for the sake of making art.

These headpieces are not for sale.

*Each headpiece is built on a solid base; feathers and quills are inserted into foam blocks and secured with pins and medical tape. Skulls are held in place with rope and wire. No glue is used.

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