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This (almost) monthly self-portrait series paid tribute to the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth, and was loosely inpired by the pagan costuming and rituals of my Germanic ancestors. My headpieces were ephemeral in that they, like their components, only existed for a short period of time; each piece was assembled using mostly non-permanent materials*, photographed, then disassembled and returned to my cabinet of curiosities.

*Each headpiece was built on a solid base; feathers and quills were inserted into foam blocks and secured with pins and medical tape. Skulls were held in place with rope and wire. No glue was used.

All specimens in my collection are ethically sourced, cruelty-free and non-CITES, and were obtained through reputable and trusted sources. NO animals are killed or harmed for the sake of my art. (See further info at the bottom of this page.)

Selected prints are available through my online shop and all proceeds go towards the Wildlife Rescue Nests Songbird Program.

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ELEGY | No. 36 | 10/2016
Skull/Bones: Cow vertebra, Fox skulls and jaws, Fisher jaw, Yak bone bead, Resin replica bird skull.
Feathers: Lady Amherst Pheasant, Duck, Rooster.
Plant Materials: Silver-leaf lavender, Mugwort, Straw ornaments.
FADING | No. 35 | 09/2016
Skull/Bones: Fox skull, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Rooster.
Plant Materials: Crocosmia 'lucifer' seed pods, Green-headed Coneflower seed heads, Silver Maple leaves, Morning Glory vines.
SPLINTERED | No. 34 | 08/2016
Skull/Bones: Roe Deer skull cap and antlers, African Crested Porcupine quills, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Peacock, Duck.
Plant Materials: Dried corn husks, Ornamental grass fronds, Assorted dried flowers
BITTERSWEET | No. 33 | 07/2016
Skull/Bones: Fisher skull, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Peacock.
Plant Materials: Dried ornamental grasses, Dried evening primrose stalks, Lilac seed pods, Goldenrod, Silver-leaf lavender, Fleabane, Bittersweet nightshade vines.
SENTINEL | No. 32. | 06/2016
Skull/Bones: Porcupine skull, Roe Deer antlers, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Guinea Fowl, Assorted Pheasant and Goose.
Plant Materials: Spruce branch, Baby's breath.
BLOOM | No. 31 | 05/2016
Skull/Bones: American Marten.
Feathers: Goose, Peacock.
Plant Materials: Lilac, Dandelion, Wild mustard, Wild strawberry blossoms.
HATCHED | No. 30 | 04/2016
Skull/Bones: Von den Decken's Hornbill skull, Yack bone bead, Chicken eggshells.
Feathers: Peacock, Rooster, Duck, Ostrich.
Plant Materials: Lilac branches/buds, Baby's breath, Dried thyme flowers.
RADIANT | No. 29 | 03/2016
Skull/Bones: Cow skull.
Feathers: Assorted Rooster/Hen, Assorted Pheasant
SOAR | No. 28 | 02/2016
Skull/Bones: Trumpeter Hornbill skull, African Crested Porcupine quills, Jewel Beetle elytra, Yak bone bead,
Feathers: White-thighed Hornbill, Silver Pheasant, Peacock, Goose, Assorted Rooster/Hen.
DUSK | No. 27 | 01/2016
Skull/Bones: Replica Coyote skull.
Feathers: Assorted Pheasant, Rooster, Goose, Duck.
FROST | No. 26 | 12/2015
Skull/Bones: White-tailed Deer skull and antler.
Feathers: Ostrich, Rooster, Goose, Duck.
Plant Material: Grass fronts, Dried flowers.
UNDERGROWTH | No. 25 | 11/2015
Skull/Bones: Taxidermied Ruffed Grouse, White-tailed Deer vertebra.
Feathers: Rooster.
Plant Material: Milkweed pods, Fall Aster, Goldenrod, Evening Primrose stems and seed heads, Sow Thistle, Coneflower seed head, Maple branches, leaves and keys, Acorns, Scots Pine cones, Spruce cones, Braided garlic greens.
*The Milkweed used in this piece was later inserted into glass globe ornaments sold as a fundraiser for Swift Care Ontario.
NOCTURNE | No. 24 | 10/2015
Skull/Bones: Raccoon.
Feathers: Rooster, Goose.
Plant Material: Datura plants.
WANDERER | No. 23 | 08/2015
Skull/Bones: Naturally shed White-tailed Deer antlers, Roe Deer skull cap, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Goose.
Plant Material: Assorted wildflowers and vines, Mountain Ash berries.
DEVOUR | No. 22 | 06/2015
Skull/Bones: Fox skulls, Yak bone bead, Farm-raised Quail eggs.
Feathers: Wild Turkey wings, Ruffed Grouse tail, Goose biots, Assorted Rooster/Hen.
Plant Material: Ornamental grass fronds, Strawflowers, Painted twigs.
HARPY | No. 21 | 04/2015
Skull/Bones: White-tailed Deer mandibles, Fisher and Fox skulls, Roe Deer antlers, African Crested Porcupine quills.
Feathers: Assorted Rooster/Hen.
Plant Material: Echinacea seed head.
ROAR | No. 20 | 03/2015
Skull/Bones: Black Bear skull, Yak bone bead, Roe Deer antler.
Feathers: Assorted Pheasant, Wild Turkey, Assorted Rooster/Hen.
Plant Material: Staghorn Sumac.
JUDGMENT | No. 19 | 03/2015
Skull/Bones: Sacred Ibis skull, African Crested Porcupine quills, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Lady Amherst Pheasant, Assorted Rooster/Hen, Goose.
Plant Material: Heuchera branches.
BOREAL | No. 18 | 01/2015
Skull/Bones: Canada Lynx skull, North American Porcupine quills, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Ruffed Grouse, Ring-necked Pheasant.
Plant Material: Blue Spruce branches, Cedar bark, Scots Pine cones, Assorted dried plant pods.
WINTER | No. 17 | 12/2014
Skull/Bones: Roe Deer antlers/skull cap, Wild Hare skull, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Rooster.
Plant Material: Ornamental grass seed fronds, Dried Chrysanthemum flowers, White Spruce cones Painted Lilac branches.
UNDINE | No. 16 | 10/2014
Skull/Bones: Sand dollars, Nautilus and clam shells, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Peacock, Ostrich, Goose, Rooster.
FERAL | No. 15 | 10/2014
Skull/Bones: Wild Boar skull and tusks, North American Porcupine quills, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Ring-necked and Lady Amherst Pheasant, Grey Junglefowl, Goose.
Plant materials: Pinecone scales, Mountain Ash berries, Acorns, Red Maple and Ash leaves, Straw ornaments
Minerals: Baltic Amber, Agate.
VERLOREN/LOST | No. 14 | 10/2014
Skull/Bones: White-tailed Deer antlers (naturally shed), Moose antler points, Coyote mandible (resin replica), Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Rooster, Goose.
Plant materials: Dried Heuchera branches, Crocosmia 'emily mckenzie' seed pods, Rudbeckia laciniata and Echinacea purpurea seed heads, Dried Verbena, Lavandula and Xeranthemum flowers.
ARDEA | No. 13 | 09/2014
Skull/Bones: Asian Purple Heron skull, Starfish, North American Porcupine quills, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Ring-neck Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Peacock, Rooster.
Plant materials: Zebra grass, Crocosmia 'lucifer' seed pods, Spanish moss Dyed seeds.
FLAMMEN/FLAMES | No. 12 | 08/2014
Skull/Bones: Black-casqued Hornbill skull, African Crested Porcupine quills, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Ruffed Grouse, Wild Turkey, White Peafowl, Goose, Rooster.
SPARK | No. 11 | 07/2014
Skull/Bones: American Mink skull (with freehand ink art by Robin Von Dostaler).
Feathers: Rooster, Goose, Silver Pheasant, Lady Amherst Pheasant, Guineafowl, Ostrich.
REGEN/RAIN | No. 10 | 07/2014
Skull/Bones: Javan Pond Heron skull, Resin replica bird skulls, Yak bone bead.
Feathers, Rooster.
SONNE/SUN | No. 09 | 06/2014
Skull/Bones: Coyote skull (resin replica), Mother-of-pearl shells, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Lady Amherst Pheasant, Ring-necked Pheasant, Turkey.
Plant materials: Blue Spruce branches, Dried Roses and Hibiscus seed pods, Celosia flowers, Strawflowers.
PAVO | No. 08 | 06/2014
Skull/Bones: American Crow skull (resin replica), Yak bone bead, Jewel Beetle elytra.
Feathers: Peacock (naturally molted body, shell, wing, sword and eye feathers), Turkey.
*This is the only piece in this series that was not disassembled after the photoshoot.
WARRIOR | No. 07 | 04/2014
Skull/Bones: Von der Decken's Hornbill skull, North American Porcupine quills, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: White-thighed Hornbill, Rooster,
This piece is dedicated to my mother, a fierce warrior-woman, in her second battle against breast cancer.
URSUS | No. 06 | 02/2014
Skull/Bones: American Black Bear skull, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Lady Amherst Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Rooster.
STARBURST | No. 05 | 02/2014
Skull/Bones: North American Beaver skull, African Crested Porcupine quills, Yak bone bead.
Feathers: Rooster, Ruffed Grouse:
Plant materials: Tree bark.
ABOMINABLE | No. 04 | 01/2014
Skull/Bones: Moose antler points, American Crow skull (resin replica).
Feathers: Turkey, Silver Pheasant.
Plant materials: Lilac seed pods, Sweet Pea vines.
NOMAD | No. 03 | 12/2013
Skull/Bones: Caribou antlers (animal harvested by James Bay Cree hunters).
Feathers: Turkey, Wild Turkey, Guineafowl, Rooster.
Plant materials: Tree bark.
DEMON | No. 02 | 11/2013
Skull/Bones: Wild Boarlet mandible.
Feathers: Golden Pheasant, Rooster.
Plant materials: Lilac seed pods, Morning Glory vines.
HEATHEN | No. 01 | 10/2013
Skull/Bones: North American Raccoon skull.
Feathers: Golden Pheasant, Rooster, Guineafowl, Plant materials, Painted branches, Turkey-tail mushroom.
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IMPORTANT: If my work has inspired to you collect animal parts, please consult the following links before doing so. Wildlife conservation is extremely important to me, and I do not own/collect specimens protected under international conventions or North American laws, nor should any enthusiast.